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Funky Sole 


The Mission

Funky Sole Fundamentals LLC is an educational initiative we began in April 2011, that is dedicated to the preservation of all forms under the umbrella of Hip Hop Dance and its traditions . We enact this mission by curating cultural events that engage our dance community through multiple facets. We do this through workshops (FSF),  parties (SOLEFULL), battles (The Sole Open), and showcases (SoleCase). Without culturally affirming spaces like these, the very premise of what Hip Hop dance is supposed to be and do will get distorted by politics, capitalism, and appropriation of our day. 


Funky Sole Fundamentals workshop classes were conceived by Kyle & Dinita Clark to preserve authentic Hip Hop, House, and Funk Styles dance in the Philadelphia area. Towards the end of 2010, commercialism was at an all time high. Most of the dance scene we had grown up with had either moved away from Philly, chose new ways of living, or different career paths. Since 2011, with the help of our Philadelphia dance community,  Dinita and I have consistently taught and hosted 40+ Pioneers, Innovators, and Educators, national and international to ensure that the Philly dance scene has top notch education from the world's best for the most affordable prices possible. We understand that money is a major issue for OUR community. We keep these prices low so that anyone from any demographic category could experience the people that inspire us and the world personally. All of this to ensure our community not forget the rich cultural and physical history Hip Hop Dance has left with this city,  the "je ne sais quoi" this city provides via its environment, and maintain the quest to better ourselves and our craft which was set forth by our mentors and influences. 


The Sole Open

The mission for theThe Sole Open competition is UNITY. We are all passionate about Hip Hop Dance and Culture. There is no culture without ALL of us. There is no better way of displaying that then having a MULTITUDE OF OPINIONS (I say opinion because ART is in the eye of the Beholder, its personal) from different areas/styles that represent the diversity we so often see in our travels and social media within the USA. We can not grow as a community or culture without a consensus on what a style is or is not fundamentally as well as having the opinion of different generations. The line up of judges for our competition will always be QUALIFIED & BATTLE TESTED. 

groove factory

"Groove Factory" is an 8 week House Dance Intensive that started in 2013 and is offered in the Summer and the Winter, taught by Kyle & Dinita Clark. This is an open "HOUSE" dance intensive for ages 16 and up. The main focus is to work on our instrument (our body) as well as our dance (technique). We have developed a great balance of the two which creates an experience that will build you mentally and emotionally as well as physically! Groove Factory is responsible for creating some of Hip Hop Dance current stars and educators!

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